Are eyebrow tattoos safe?

An eyebrow tattoo is exactly as it sounds: a tattoo within the shape of an eyebrow. While eyebrow tattoos of the past regularly regarded stable and obvious, these days, forehead tattoos look fairly realistic. That’s due to the fact, in keeping with Rose, eyebrow tattoos are designed to create the appearance of an eyebrow, with texture, fullness, and form in mind. “The quality eyebrow tattoos will use hair-like strokes for a greater herbal result,” she provides.


Otsuji notes that eyebrow tattoos may be categorized into some sorts: microblading, nano brows, and powder brows. While all are created by implanting ink or pigment underneath the skin, the ways wherein they’re created allow for special outcomes that mimic famous forehead patterns, like fluffy brows (pleasant mimicked with microblading).


With such a lot of alternatives, eyebrow tattoo it could be confusing to recognise which eyebrow tattoo is fine for you. With that during mind, test out Otsuji’s hints, underneath.



Ever due to the fact microblading exploded within the last couple of years, it has become one of (if not the) most popular styles of brow tattooing. “This technique makes use of a handheld device together with numerous tiny needles to implant pigment below the skin,” Otsuji says, “This approach mimics the look of very great, realistic-looking hair strokes and is taken into consideration semi-permanent.” While microblading is a shape of brow tattoo, the pigments used to create it are designed to fade over the years to make certain that the brows can be up to date with age. This method ensures the maximum herbal look because the years pass by.


Nano Brows

Also referred to as “hairstroke forehead-tattooing” and nanoblading, nano brows use a particular technique much like microblading. The biggest difference is that nano brows make use of a digital tattoo machine and a single needle. “This procedure may be beneficial for people who are wanting a natural-searching forehead but have thick, textured, or oily skin,” Otsuji says. By using a unmarried needle, the artist can go in and address hassle regions one at a time.


Powder Brows

Commonly called “ombré brows,” powder brows are created the usage of the identical digital device and single needle as nano brows, but Otsuji says that the end result has a extra crammed-in, powdery impact, which mimics the appearance of brow makeup. “This technique is also a first-rate alternative for the ones who have thick, textured, or oily pores and skin, and may be very helpful in color-correcting formerly tattooed brows,” she says.