Betting exchange explained: Know how it works

Guarantee a income

Given the change lets in you to again and lay, you may trade out – region a bet on the opposite final results to a guess you have already placed.

You can do this to guarantee a profit, lessen your exposure or cancel a previously matched bet at the equal market.

If you struggle with manually calculating a trade out, Smarkets have an automated exchange out characteristic.

No account limits

While bet restrictions are not unusual with bookmakers, they range across the enterprise relying on your having a bet records and the market you’re betting on. Betting brokerage services However, there are no unique betting limits on an trade, alternatively the amount you could guess is decided via the liquidity – the quantity available to guess in a specific marketplace.

Winners welcome

Given making a bet exchanges don’t care if you win or lose, they actively welcome winning players, that means you gained’t get banned, unlike at bookmakers, for being a hit.


Commission is the price Smarkets and different making a bet exchanges charge to facilitate peer-to-peer making a bet on an exchange.

Smarkets charge a flat fee rate of two% for your internet winnings for any given market. If you’re making a net loss on a market, you do now not pay fee. The 2% charged is an industry low.

Unlike a bookmaker Smarkets do no longer build a margin into their odds. Therefore, even if factoring fee into the chances, Smarkets are frequently great priced across the marketplace.