Ceiling Removal – How to Do It Yourself

If you have asbestos-free ceilings in your home, you can remove them yourself. Before you begin the process, however, you need to protect the surrounding areas by removing any furniture or electrical fixtures. You may want to put a little newspaper inside light bulbs to protect them from getting painted. Also, turn off any circuit breakers and cover any junction boxes with tape to prevent nicks and scratches. Before you start, make sure to close windows before working on the ceilings.

Before you begin the ceiling removal process, you must prepare yourself for the task. You should prepare your workspace with thick plastic walls and floors. Additionally, you should lay a second layer of plastic on the floor. This will protect the floors from droppings. During the entire process, you will need to wear protective clothing and wear rubber boots. Asbestos-containing ceilings are highly toxic, and it is important to remove them as soon as possible.

Once you’ve finished the ceiling removal, you can get started with the rest of the project. This is the most difficult part. You’ll need to scrape off all of the coating and patch up any damaged areas. You can then use joint compound or spackle to fix the damages. After the work is done, you’ll need to sand the entire surface. If you don’t know how to do this, you can consult a contractor who can do it for you.