Custom Size Photo Prints

The press then, at that point, drives these vaporous color particles into the wood before they can become strong. This development guarantees that the cementing system happens inside the wood’s surface, making them an extremely durable piece of the material. These varieties are presently important for the wood.

Color sublimation is a great method that offers fresh tones, for all time imbued with the surface. You can utilize it on a wide assortment of surfaces, personal prints  as well, similar to metal, glass and acrylic.



Wood Print Options

Each custom print from Printique has different choices, including the size and mounting technique for your photograph. Because of the idea of the material, wood prints all get a wonderful matte completion, which will make it simple for your print to oppose glare. You can put it anyplace in your room, and seeing on a radiant day will not be excessively troublesome. It does, in any case, mean you can’t have a serious shine or glossy silk finish.

We offer wood prints in sizes from four by six creeps to 20 by 20 inches. Whether you maintain that an enormous showcase should be the point of convergence of a wall or a little emphasize for your work area, these choices open up different applications. Furthermore, you can utilize square or rectangular prints to utilize the best yield for your picture.

To oblige that assortment, we have a few mounting choices, including:

– Stand: All of our wood prints accompany a showcase stand. It is made of a similar top notch wood as your photograph print and supports it from the base. Placing your photograph in the stand permits you to set it up on a level surface like a table or work area. These rural presentations are superb increments to an end table or a kitchen counter. They can likewise be useful at workmanship shows, so you can set them up on a corner to draw in purchasers and boost your tabletop space.

– Keyhole patterns: All wood prints accompany keyhole patterns toward the back. With these keyholes, you can hang them effectively on your walls. Make a composition show or hang one as an explanation piece. You’ll track down the patterns on both the vertical and flat edges of the print, so you can arrange it properly. Anyway you need to hang it, the keyhole patterns make it simple.

– Outlines: All of our wood prints are 3/4 of an inch thick with sanded edges, so you can approach them for simple presentation. Whether you need to coordinate it with a smooth, current casing or something more gritty and natural to go with the wood grain, a wooden photograph print functions admirably with outlines as well as all alone.

At the point when you’re prepared to show your custom wood print, Printique makes it simple. The stand and patterns are incorporated with your print. In the event that you alter your perspective in the wake of setting it up on your nightstand for a year, you can without much of a stretch drape the photograph on the wall, since the patterns are implicit. Adaptability is one of our strengths.