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Concrete Tile


Concrete tile is an opportunity to clay tile, with similar installation strategies and similar blessings. Concrete tiles are molded from preferred sand-blend concrete coloured to anything colours are desired. A form of profiles are available, a number of which resemble rolled clay tiles, others which are low-profile comparable to wood shakes. Concrete tile is sometimes finished with a decorative coating. It is a totally heavy roofing fabric, making it a good desire in high-wind areas.


roofing companies pearland tx  Costs are approximately one-third much less than clay tile—usually approximately $10 to $15 in step with square foot. Life expectancy is 50 years or longer.



Slate Shingles


A slate roof is possibly the most stunning roofing material there may be—a preference for the house owner who will take delivery of best the greatest. There are slate roofs hundreds of years old which might be nonetheless functioning. True slate roofing is just as it sounds: real, thin sheets of real stone. Because slate has a bent to cleave off in thin sheets, it is easy to quarry, making it perfect for roofing. But putting in slate is a especially specialized talent, and certified installers can be tough to locate.


Slate roofs commonly fee $9 to $12 in line with rectangular foot, plus set up. But it is very possibly the best roofing you’ll ever set up—a slate tile roof frequently lasts seventy five to 200 years.


Synthetic (Rubber) Slate Tile


Synthetic slate shingles are a tremendously convincing stand-in for herbal slate, but this fabric is made out of engineered polymers combined with recycled plastic and rubber. From the floor, it may be in reality impossible to distinguish this engineered roofing from herbal slate. And synthetic slate is pretty light-weight, making it a viable choice for houses that can not support the heavy weight of herbal slate.


Synthetic slate roofing commonly expenses $three to $6, plus set up. Although not as long lasting as true stone, synthetic slate commonly comes with a superb guarantee—as much as 50 years.



Eco-Friendly Green Roof


Moss is commonly seemed as a bad sign whilst located on your roof, but whilst nicely deliberate for, moss and other residing plant substances provide an effective roofing material that offers returned to the earth.