Indian e-Tourist Visa


The Indian traveller visa or e-Tourist visa allows the holder to visit India for touristic purposes. Some of the motives to travel to India with this form of visa are:


Engaging in tourism activism

Visiting buddies and family

Attending a yoga retreat

How to Get an e-Tourist Visa for India?

To practice for an e-Tourist visa for India, travelers whole the web shape. The following simple statistics is needed:


Full call

Date and vicinity of delivery

Contact records

Passport info

There also are a chain of eligibility and security questions. To finalize the request, the traveler visa costs are paid securely on-line by debit or credit card.


Most e-Tourist visa programs are approved in 2-four commercial enterprise days. Travelers get hold of the visa for India via electronic mail.


Types of e-Tourist Visa for India

There are 2 special e-Tourist visas to be had for India: a one-month traveller visa and a one-yr traveler visa.


One-month e-Tourist visa for India

Travelers can observe now for a one-month e-Tourist visa for India.


The one-month e-Tourist visa is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in India.


It is a unmarried-entry visa, the date of access ought to be between the visa’s trouble and expiry dates.


One-12 months e-Tourist visa for India

The one-12 months visitor visa for India is valid for twelve months from the visa trouble date.


It is legitimate for more than one entries of up to ninety days per stay. Nationals of Canada, Japan, the US, and the UK can live for up to 180 days every time.


Information About evisa to india from usa

There are some matters that each one travelers who want to get their visitor visa for India have to recognise earlier than filing their software:


This visa type is non-convertible and non-extendable.

Individuals can apply for a most of  e-Visas in the course of a calendar 12 months.

Applicants are required to have sufficient price range to aid themselves for the duration of their live in India.

Travelers are required to carry a duplicate of their approved e-Visa India authorisation at all times during their live.