What is on the Florida contractors exam?

Applicants that do not have a Certificate of Competency are required to take a construction exam, earlier than starting the contractor’s license exam process. The system protected within the certified fashionable contractor’s license section above applies for the registered license as the examination is the identical for each.

A General Contractor Certified License may be implemented for as an man or woman contractor or as a certified business. After passing the state certification exam, the licensing procedure can begin.

Download and fill in the details on the application and fasten the extra files which can be required. contractors exam seminars This includes evidence of financial stability (typically a FICO accepted credit score rating), proof of schooling and enjoy (for a licensed license, candidates are required to have four years of enjoy or a aggregate of each college and work revel in).

Additional requirements encompass that the applicant is as a minimum 18 years vintage, is inclined to go through a history take a look at and have to comfy people reimbursement insurance (or be granted an exemption) inside 30 days of receiving their license.

As with a certified license, the registered license may be carried out for as an individual contractor or as a qualified commercial enterprise.

After first passing the Florida State Construction Examination (or being exempted on the premise of protecting a certificate of competency), an applicant then desires to down load and whole the application (either as a qualifying business or as an character trendy contractor.)

Documents that have to be submitted together with the utility encompass a credit score record (which includes a FICO accepted credit score rating), and a copy of the Certificate of Competency (if applicable).

Additional utility requirements include that the applicant is as a minimum 18 years antique, undergoes a history take a look at (which include fingerprinting), has general legal responsibility and property damage coverage and could comfortable people repayment within 30 days of receiving the license (or be granted an exemption).

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